2024 Winter Potato Conference


The Michigan Potato Industry Commission is excited to present the 2024 Winter Potato Conference, January 31-February 1, 2024, at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing, Michigan. The Winter Potato Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn and network with other industry professionals on a number of leading-edge topics. Registration is now open.


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2024 Winter Potato Conference Agenda*

(* – Schedule subject to change.)

Tuesday, January 30

7:00pm – Exhibitor Setup Available, Big Ten A

Wednesday, January 31

8:00am – Registration Open, Centennial AB

8:00am – Exhibitors Setup Begins, Big Ten A

8:30am-9:00am – Breakfast, Big Ten BC, sponsored by BASF

9:00am-10:00am – General Session 1, Big Ten BC, sponsored by Spudnik

10:15am-10:45am – Breakout Sessions

10:45am-11:00am – Refreshment Break sponsored by GreenStone Farm Credit Services

11:00am-12:00pm – Breakout Sessions

12:05pm-12:45pm – Awards Luncheon, Big Ten BC, sponsored by 1,4GROUP

12:45pm-2:00pm – General Session 2, Big Ten B, sponsored by PlantTuff

2:00pm-5:00pm – Potato University Remix Bus Tours sponsored by Helena Agri-Enterprises

  • Tour #1: Join Dr. Dave Douches, Dr. Jaime Willbur, Dr. Erin Burns, Ana Heck, Chris Long, and their teams for a tour providing the opportunity to see firsthand the facilities used by potato researchers to get results when investigating the industry’s most pressing problems. The tour includes a Potato Breeding Greenhouse tour, Pathology Lab tour, research sprayer and herbicide resistance screening demonstration, potato finger printing demonstration, tissue culture lab tour, and an opportunity to see hive equipment, discuss pollinator protection and stewardship and participate in honey tasting.
  • Tour #2: The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University (MSU) is a world-class research, teaching and training center, hosting what is designed to be the most powerful rare isotope accelerator. MSU operates FRIB as a user facility for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE-SC), supporting the mission of the DOE-SC Office of Nuclear Physics. FRIB allows MSU graduate students to engage in groundbreaking research. Tour the Techmark facility and learn from the experts about new technologies in storage. Techmark is an international agricultural engineering company specializing in storage and production systems. Techmark applies technologies that create positive returns for growers and industry.
  • Tour #3: Tour the Techmark facility and learn from the experts about new technologies in storage. Techmark is an international agricultural engineering company specializing in storage and production systems. Techmark applies technologies that create positive returns for growers and industry. The Michigan State University Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (MSU ADREC) comprehensively research, develops, and evaluates technologies associated with integrated anaerobic digestion systems. Anaerobic digestion is a biological process that converts organic materials (called feedstocks) in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic conditions) into biogas. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the primary gaseous components of biogas. Biogas can be burned to generate electricity and heat (steam) or purified and compressed for use as natural gas. 
  • Tour #4: Tour the MSU Product Center & Mobile Food Processing Lab. The food processing mobile lab is outfitted with food grade equipment and capabilities to demonstrate and trains students on the processes and technologies used to convert commodities into consumable food products. The mobile lab is part of the Product Center which helps Michigan entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and launch new product and service ideas into the food, ag and bioenergy markets through concept development, business development, market research, MarketMaker, and specialized services. Robert Masterson, the leading nutrition expert at Michigan State University specializing in athletic performance, leads an insightful experience that provides a comprehensive understanding of the crucial role nutrition plays in optimizing athlete performance. Explore the state-of-the-art training facilities and treatment areas where athletes at MSU hone their skills and recover. Gain valuable insights into the holistic approach that fuels champions in this dynamic environment, all under the expert guidance of Rob.

5:00-6:30pm – Industry Reception, Big Ten A

  • Musical Guest: Yosemite Nights, a cover band featuring MSU potato breeder Dr. Dave Douches. The group is a five-piece band that plays hits from the Beatles, Heart, Van Morrison, Adele, Carole King and more. Three of the members are MSU employees.   

Thursday, February 1

8:30am-9:00am – Breakfast, Big Ten BC

8:50am-10:30am – General Session 3, Big Ten BC, sponsored by Yara North America

10:45am-11:15am – Breakout Sessions

11:15am-11:35am – Refreshment Break sponsored by Nichino

11:35am-12:05pm – Breakout Sessions

12:10pm-12:40pm – Breakout Sessions

12:45pm-2:00pm – Luncheon, Big Ten BC

NOTE on RUP credits: There are two (2) RUP credits available for this conference. To receive both, attendees must go to two of the RUP-indicated sessions on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Pre-registration for the credits is required. Click here