Field Management Solutions to Improve Storage Quality

Field Management Solutions to Improve Storage Quality

Quality potatoes maintain their value. Producing and storing quality potatoes is accomplished by a team of professionals that share information and make decisions throughout the year. These individuals include those responsible for variety selection, seed handling, field scouting, nutrient management, irrigation scheduling, harvest planning, equipment maintenance, and storage facility operation. Lessons learned in previous years are applied to the current year. In this presentation, we will review how management decisions impact storage quality, with an eye toward identifying areas where better decisions might be made during the next crop cycle.

Thursday, February 1

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About the Speaker


Dr. Paul Bethke

Dr. Paul Bethke has been a researcher with the USDA Vegetable Crops Research Unit and a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin since 2006. His research is focused on how genetics and the environment influence potato tuber quality, especially as it relates to quality out of storage. His group is currently working on projects related to diploid potatoes, wild species relatives of potato, the appearance of the potato skin, and stem-end chip defect.