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If you were unable to attend our previous MI Potato LIVE sessions you're in luck! Below you will find the recorded MI Potato LIVE sessions and other assets for viewing and download. 

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Laura Campbell - Water Use Advisory Council Update

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Water Use Advisory Council was established to study and make recommendations to the Quality of Life (QOL) agencies (EGLE, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) on Michigan's Water Use Program and the Michigan potato industry is proud to help represent Michigan agriculture at the table. Council Co-chair Laura Campbell with Michigan Farm Bureau provides an update on council works, and its recommendations are moving forward with water use regulatory programs.

Potato LIVE - Dean Hendrick CANR Update

MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dean Ron Hendrick provides an update on the College's programming during this unprecedented time.

MI Potato LIVE - Gary McDowell MDARD Update

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Gary McDowell provides a department update.

North River Vodka - Snowy River Drink Presentation

Our friends at North River Vodka share a delicious recipe featuring their one of a kind potato vodka made from Michigan potatoes!

Developments in Potato Variety Commercialization and Licensing

Recorded: January 14, 2021

In this educational session Dr. David Douches, Potato Specialist Chris Long, and Dr. Tom Herlache will educate you on MSU potato varieties currently under licensing agreements domestically as well as internationally. Building awareness of agronomic and production attributes of the most advanced varieties currently available to the commercial industry. Creating awareness of potato breeding advancements for a common scab, PVY, and late blight resistance.

Preparing Your Finances as Potato Growers

Recorded: January 19, 2021

When it comes to your farm’s finances, understanding the break-even point and having a plan prepared is crucial to your farm’s long-term success. In this session, Dave Carpenter will share what you can be doing in the ‘off-season’ to prepare your business for a successful financial year and how you can work with your lender to get it done.

Potato Storage Fundamentals: Avoiding Accidents

Recorded: January 21, 2021

Join potato storage experts Todd Forbush and Josh Brood with Techmark Inc. as they help guide you through best practices to avoid costly storage mistakes. 

Michigan's Investigation and Response to PFAS

Recorded: January 26, 2021

Christine Kosmowski, PFAS and Emerging Contaminant Specialist at State of Michigan provides an update on Michigan's efforts in regards to MPART, PFAS 101, and efforts in the Ag Sector.

Enviroweather's New Website and Tools for Potato Growers

Recorded: January 28, 2021

Keith Mason gives a live demonstration of the new Enviroweather website. This includes how to set up and use the dashboard and other new features. Keith focuses on using the Enviroweather graphing tool for tracking potato maturity and stress that can affect crop development.

How Do Warmer Than Average Temperatures Affect Colorado Potato Beetles?

Warm summers can lead to increased insect numbers as well as more generations during the growing season. In this presentation, Dr. Zsofia Szendrei will discuss the implications of these issues for Colorado potatoes beetle insecticide resistance management.

Understanding the Different Growth Stages of a Potato Crop to Help Growers to Make Sound Decisions on Crop Inputs

Rob Schafer with Mid Michigan Agronomy discusses how to help growers break down the different growth stages of a potato crop to maximize inputs for a high yielding crop. Topics include the stages of a potato crop life cycle and when may be the best time to add inputs with the goal to help growers find specific timings and placement of nutrients and pesticides and water in a potato cropping system.

Tolfenpyrad: New Chemistry for Colorado Potato Beetle Control

Alex Truskowski with Nichino America, Inc will provide an introduction into the chemistry of Tolfenpyrad, how it works, best use practices and insights on how to properly position into a Colorado Potato Beetle rotational program for best results.

Why are we in business? Achieve Success and Maximize Return on Assets

Why are you in business?  What does success look like for you? What are the competitive assets and strengths of your business? How do you measure and maximize returns on your competitive assets and strengths? Join Steve Kluemper, President of AgriStrategies LLC as he helps you answer these questions and more. 

Mike Wenkel - NPC Potato LEAF Presentation

Mike Wenkel, National Potato Council COO provides a Potato LEAF update for MPIC members. 

Integrated Management of Potato Early Die

Recorded: February 16, 2021

The team at Michigan State University will discuss fumigants, non-fumigants, compost, manures, and biocontrol agents for the integrated management of potato early die. They will also discuss updates on the management of potato early die and future prospectives. 

Getting in The Weeds About Weed Control in Potatoes

Recorded: February 18, 2021

This session will cover all things weed control in potatoes with experts from across the United States. Pam Hutchinson (University of Idaho) and Andy Robinson (NDSU) will join Erin Burns (MSU) to discuss weed control in potatoes and share research results. At the end of the session, participants will gain knowledge in weed control in potatoes and meet two out of state experts in potato weed control. Further participants will be given resources to further their weed control knowledge in the form of factsheets and the expert’s websites.  

Download Dr. Hutchinson's Tank Mix Template for Developing a Weed Control Program in Potatoes Handout

White Mold Management in Potato

Recorded: February 23, 2021

In this presentation, James DeDecker, Director of the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center reviews management options for white mold in potatoes, including cultural, biological, and chemical tools. He also shares the results of an on-farm white mold fungicide timing study conducted in 2020 with support from MPIC.

Potato Virus Y: National Directions for Diagnostics and Management

Recorded: February 25, 2021

Drs. Jaime Willbur with Michigan State University & Elizabeth Dorman with the Michigan Department of Agriculture will discuss current research directions and updates on Potato virus Y seed certification and related management strategies. Leading researchers from Idaho and Montana will provide a national perspective to the discussion.

Agroclimatic Trends in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region

Recorded: March 2, 2021

The climate across the Great Lakes region has become wetter and warmer in the past couple of decades. This presentation by Dr. Jeff Andresen, a professor in MSU’s Department of Geography and the State Climatologist for Michigan will include an examination of these trends, along with some of the associated agricultural impacts.

Expansion on Potato EXPO 2021 Succession Planning Topics

Recorded: March 4, 2021

In this presentation, Art Littlefield and Jeff DeWald, Farm Succession & Estate Planning Specialists give an in-depth review and expansion of material presented by Lincoln Agribusiness at Potato EXPO 2021. The presentation also includes conversations with nationally recognized growers regarding their experiences.