What is STRIKE? We break it down for you

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What is STRIKE™? Strike is the family of products that uses the active ingredient Chloropicrin. Chloropicrin is a bionutritional fumigant with crop benefits beyond just pest control. Over 50 years of use have proven Chloropicrin’s track record of suppressing disease and improving sustainable crop production. 

University studies and research field trials confirm that Chloropicrin acts as a selective agent, supporting the repopulation of native, beneficial microbes. In addition to better crop vigor and larger root systems the use of the product offers many advantages beyond short-term yield gains. Its greatest benefit is using Chloropicrin as a part of a multi-year foundational input program.

  • Chloropicrin is made in the USA.
  • Chloropicrin breaks down into elements that are naturally utilized by plants: Carbon, chlorine, nitrogen and oxygen.
  • Chloropicrin leaves no plant residue.
  • Applied as a liquid Chloropicrin rapidly becomes a gas.
    • Does not move down or in ground water
    • Does not need to activate with water 
    • Moves through soil pore space for wide area of effect
  • Chloropicrin can be soil applied or through drip sys­tems.
  • Chloropicrin has a broad spectrum of soil borne pathogens and nematode pest suppression.
  • Chloropicrin does NOT sterilize soils. It shifts the soil microbial community by reducing host dependent pests, reducing competition around the root zone and creating a food source for native microbial populations to thrive.
  • Chloropicrin has novel effects on soil microbiome as a bio-stimulant, in addition to pathogen suppression. It increases abundance of native fungi and bacteria such as Trichoderma, Bacillus, and Pseudomonas.
  • Chloropicrin has a wide range of effective rates based on targeted prescriptions.
    • High rate ranges for season long suppression of major soilborne pests.
    • Lower rate ranges for early season suppression of minor soilborne pests.

Learn more about Chloropicrin and STRIKE products, at www.triestag.com.

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