Michigan potato crop keeps growing with a hand from technology

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Many times, potatoes are grown in soils that are prone to nutrient leaching and other forms of loss such as retrogradation (tie-up). The plant’s tendency for heavy feeding is attributed to its shallow root system that hinders nutrient reach and uptake. Even with utilizing 4R Nutrient Management practices, high input costs can create hurdles in the grower’s quest for a return on investment. Tools that help boost soil and fertilizer nutrient efficiency can help aid in grower profitability and environmental sustainability.

For treating commodity fertilizers used in potato production, Timac Agro USA focused on our product DUO MAXX to improve nutrient use efficiency, reduce environmental nutrient loss, and improve grower profitability. Timac Agro’s approach included investigating coating dry bedded pre-plant fertilizer, treating liquid P fertilizer utilized at planting, and treating either liquid or dry N fertilizer at first emergence with DUO MAXX. These approaches were grounded in known issues related to nutrient efficiency. 

TIMAC AGRO’s Approach to Potato Nutrition

In an average of 31 replicated potato trials, TIMAC AGRO’s technology DUO MAXX® has a 93.5% positive response, reaching an average yield increase of 31.3 cwt/ac.

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Duo Maxx combines our patented phenolic binding compound (MPPA), our patented Duo complex to improve soil microbial function, and a combination of nitrogen loss inhibitors to ensure maximum protection against nutrient loss.

DUO MAXX protects applied nutrients including phosphate, nitrogen and potassium that potatoes need during critical growth stages of development. Our technology encourages the plant to pull in more nutrients from the soil, increases productivity, and ultimately produces a higher-quality, more nutrient dense tuber. DUO MAXX can be easily added to many common fertility practices for potatoes including treating phosphate starter liquids, liquid nitrogen applications and coating bedded granular fertilizers.

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