Help your potatoes reach their most profitable potential with BASF solutions

BASF Provysol

BASF has the expertise, insights and solutions to protect your potato investment from start to finish — and help you get the most out of every acre. No matter what challenges you face, higher yield potentials and the highest possible quality are within your reach.

  • ProvysolTM fungicide is a revolutionary disease management tool that quickly penetrates plants for fast, long-lasting control. Designed specifically for low-growing plants that can be excellent hosts for diseases, Provysol fungicide can be a foundational application in your fungicide spray program, delivering early protection that sets up the rest of the program for long-lasting control and long-lasting success. 
  • Endura® fungicide is a preventative fungicide that offers premier control of white mold and other foliar diseases, including early blight — and suppression of gray mold.

Talk to your BASF representative or authorized retailer or click here to help your potatoes reach their most profitable potential. 

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