Get Ready for Irrigation Season with These Helpful Tips

Farm Services Inc

Center pivot spring startups cause the largest amount of service calls at Farm Services Inc. We have a complete staff of factory-trained service technicians to fix any problems that may arise, but here are a few tips to help you get things going smoothly. 

  1. Flush your system by removing the sandtrap at the end tower and running water through the opening to remove accumulated debris. Then replace the sandtrap and pressurize the system. 
  2. Walk the length of the system and visually check the operation of each sprinkler. 
  3. Check air pressure and inspect tires at all towers. Inspect your wheel gears and centerdrives for possible leaky seals. Drain the water off the bottom of the gear box and top off with gear lube. 
  4. Check that your barricades are in place and not damaged. 
  5. Test your end tower auto stop/auto reverse to make sure it stops or reverses the machine. 
  6. Give your end gun a visual inspection for worn or broken parts and make sure all plumbing is intact. 
  7. Check service disconnects for possible rodent damage. Make sure grounding connections are in place at electrical service and pivot point then turn the power on and run/check all operations of the system. 

Take the above steps to ensure your machine is ready to go before irrigation season. If you need us, call us. Farm Services Inc. specializes in complete service and repair of center pivots. For more information, please call 989-352-8411 or email Jason at

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