Integrated Management of Potato Early Die

Integrated Management of Potato Early Die

The team at Michigan State University will discuss fumigants, non-fumigants, compost, manures, and biocontrol agents for the integrated management of potato early die. They will also discuss updates on the management of potato early die and future prospectives. 

Tuesday, February 16th
3:00pm - 4:00pm

About The Speakers


Emilie Cole - Michigan State University

Emilie is the lab manager of the Applied Nematology lab and has her master's in Entomology. During her masters, Emilie researched potato early die management strategies. She continues to work with the potato industry to find effective and affordable management tactics for potato early die!

Luisa Parrado - Michigan State University

Emilie Cole

Luisa is an Entomology Ph.D. student at Marisol Quintanilla’s lab. During her studies here she has followed up with where Emilie’s research left of regarding management of potato early die and the disease complex dynamics.

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