Event Details

Michigan Potato Industry Commission Meeting



Greenstone Farm Credit Services

3515 West Road

East Lansing MI 48823



10am Call to Order

  1. Comments from the Public on Agenda Items
  2. Approval of meeting agenda
  3. Consent Agenda Items
    1. Adoption of Minutes from February 1, 2023, Commission Meeting
    2. Place financial statements from April 2023 on file
    3. Acknowledge the annual MDARD audit review and place on file

The Consent Agenda is to address agenda items that likely do not need any discussion or debate. These items will be approved together. Anyone can request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be placed later in the agenda. It will be assumed that all Commission members have read the information relating to each recommendation and have asked any pertinent question prior to the Commission meeting. Questions can be directed to the noted staff person.

  1. Executive Director Report and Summary of Budget
  2. Action Items
    1. Action to establish Executive Director Salary
    2. Action to adopt FY23 MPIC Budget
    3. Action to establish Assessment Rate on 2023 Crop
    4. Action to set dates for the next fiscal year meetings
    5. Action to approve Potatoes USA Board Appointment
  3. Strategic Discussions
    1. Review of Policy 4.0 - Global Governance-Management Connection
  4. PGMI Report — President, Dennis Iott
  5. MDARD Report
  6. MSU Report
  7. Comments from the Public on non-Agenda Items


The Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC) reminds all participants at its meetings that certain topics are not proper subjects for discussion and consideration at any MPIC meetings of members, officers, directors, committees, or competitors whether formal or informal. While it is entirely appropriate to meet to discuss common problems and areas of interest, it must keep in mind that participants may be competitors and any action taken to eliminate, restrict, or govern competition can be a violation of the anti-trust laws. If there is any discussion at a MPIC meeting relating to significant factors of competition among the members, an inference may be raised that such a discussion among competitors is for agreeing upon a common course of business conduct.

Among the subjects which should never be discussed at MPIC meetings are conditions; terms or prices of products or services; allocating or sharing customers; or refusing to deal with a supplier or class of suppliers. Agreements among competitors relating to any of these subjects can be per se violations of the antitrust laws and can lead to criminal and civil penalties. 

It is essential that all necessary steps be taken by those attending a MPIC meeting to prevent the meeting from becoming a forum for discussions which might lead to an understanding or agreement, expressed or implied, with respect to any element of competition.

MPIC is an equal opportunity employer.